Some of you may remember Cantopop King Eason Chan having lent his vocals to a radio drama in promotion of his classic song “People On The Moon” many years ago.

This time around, he’s helping out label mate and newcomer Gin Lee who is taking the same route, given that the new song she is promoting has a name very similar to Chan’s classic single – “People Under The Moon”

This new radio drama both Lee and Chan are acting on is five episodes long, and tells the story of a couple (Lee and Chan).

Chan plays the role of a cool cat, while Gin takes on the role of a little lady.

Eason Chan Gin Lee

Giving us a sneak preview, Gin says: “Eason is really awesome, on top of having lots of acting experience, radio dramas are also something that comes to him naturally! This is the first time I’ve been able to collaborate with my label big brother, I was very nervous as this time it was not singing, something I am comfortable with, but using ones’ voice to act, so it was a big challenge, but have definitely learnt something from the pressure.”

On working with the Cantopop King, Gin says: “It’s an honour to work with Eason, he is a singer I really admire and like, many thanks to him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to collaborate with me on this radio drama, I’m so happy to see Eason wanting to do his best in this project, it’s so rare to be able to indulge in this kind of experience!”

And this was not all that made working with Eason an unforgettable experience for newbie Gin. She also personally gave Eason a copy of her new “beGin” album, but only to find that he had already listened to the entire album beforehand and had her new song “People Under The Moon” on loop!

Eason also stated that his favourite song was “Implicit”, a song which Gin wrote the melody for, which made Gin extremely excited!

On a last note, she said: “Eason’s support is a very big inspiration for me, I am greatly anticipating and hope that I can write a few duets to sing with my idol!”