Eason Chan GMA

To much anticipation on the audience’s part, Eason Chan, last year’s winner of the Best Mandarin Male Singer award has been named this year’s 27th Golden Melody Awards‘s Event Ambassador.

Of the role, he says:

“I’m really honored to have been named the Event Ambassador. The Golden Melody Awards bring together a wide range of musicians despite their busy schedules, allowing everyone to see all types of music including Indigenous, Hakka, Hokkien and Mandarin pop music. I’m glad to be given this opportunity to promote the Golden Melody Awards.”

The Cantopop king also responded humbly when asking about his win last year:

“I’m lucky. Winning the Golden Melody was such a wonderful journey, along with so many attendees of the awards ceremony including those I do and do not personally know. It has been a great honor since the nomination, and I was very nervous before the final result came out. I think the fact that the win has encouraged me to keep moving forward is the biggest reward for me.”

When speaking about people and music who inspire him, Chan turned into a little fanboy as he gushed over A-Mei’s album “Amit”:

“Songs should be just as energetic, avant-garde and open for imagination as the Amit songs. I always try to consider all sorts of elements when selecting my songs. I hope that my new album that’s coming out next year will bring nice surprises.”

Zhang’s album ‘Amit 2’ is nominated for several big accolades at this year’s awards, including Best Single, Best Album and Best Female Mandarin Artist.

In shooting a promo video with Eason in it for the Golden Melody awards, Golden Melody award winning music video director Jude Chen said he was inspired by an abstract feeling that comes from sound:

“Music is magical yet realistic. One can feel it by listening and even by touching, since sound can be transmitted in different forms, such as the sound of winds blowing through the forest.”

Of the video, Eason himself shared his love for music:

“I can’t live without music. Music can comfort anyone going through hardships. In fact, music is needed by anyone in any mood”

Chen also was full of praises for Jude, with whom he had previously worked, stating that they can “easily understand each other without too many explanations”. Chemistry much?

This year’s Golden Melody Awards festival will take place at Humble House Taipei from the 22nd to the 24th of June, and the Awards Ceremony itself will be held at Taipei Arena on the 25th of June 2016.