With generations of culinary expertise, husband-and-wife team Yong and Emily Liu take great pleasure in serving up their expertly hand-pleated Xiaolongbao at their humble Melbourne eatery, YuLongFu.

YuLongFu is a Shanghainese style restaurant steeped in generations of tradition – recipes have been passed down through their family archives since 1904. In particular, the expertise of folding the 16 pleats of the Xiaolongbao ensure a thin, tender dumpling with neat gathering at the top for easy access from soupy dumpling splendour – piping hot, straight from the bowl then into your mouth!

YuLongFu has an excellent menu and is serious competition for Melbourne’s established dumpling depots and Chinatown restaurants. Of note – the perfect dumpling for Melbourne – the Xiaolongbao black truffle dumpling is an exquisite morsel to savour! Noodles, rice, vegetables, and other dim sum are there to fill out any extra hunger cavity.

Comfy, padded chairs, banquettes and considerate lighting ensures patrons a quality experience, inviting patrons to savour, share, and enjoy. There are a total of 130 seats in total, spread over upstairs and a downstairs area. Private dining options and catering is available.

Visit YuLongFu at 136 Bourke Street, Melbourne. For more information, follow Yulongfu on Instagram and Facebook.