Holding her first ever solo concert, Hong Kong singer and guitarist Elaine Koo took to the stage as a solo artist in her own right. The talented artist who is known to some as a Carina Lau lookalike was also Cantopop royalty Alan Tam’s guitarist for his recent world tour.

Inviting a slew of artists to perform with her, it was certainly a night of spontaneity, creativity and new sparks, to the delight of her audience.

Koo played the guitar as she sang a couple of songs from her previous albums, such as her newly released single “How I Wish You’d Love Me”, as well as “Drifting To My Heart’s Content”, but also invited several Cantopop artists onto stage to partake in the event, such as Joey Tang, Danny Leung, Tommy Chan (from Zolarwind), Terry Chan, Ronny from Mr. and MJ, as well as the legendary Alan Tam himself, who appeared near to the end of the night.

Elaine’s performance with guitarist Joey Tang was one of the highlights of the night, as they covered songs such as “Who Won”, “I Just Need To Know” and “Red Sports Car”, bringing their exceptional guitar skills to light.

The talented girl also showed off her musical skills by performing on the Pipa, which she revealed she had been playing since she was young. Unsurprisingly, she also revealed that her skills were of a national standard.


During the concert, Elaine sang in English, Chinese and Cantonese, but the night reached an all-time high as Alan Tam took to the stage to the surprise of the audience, singing “Tomorrow Would You Still Love Me” with Koo. Too was extremely moved at Tam’s gesture of being the guest performer at her concert, and thanked him for being so supportive of her always.

Tam also described his respect and appreciation for Elaine’s music and talent, and stated that he hoped she would continue much longer along this road of becoming a professional musician.


Her concert came in lieu of her new album which will be released in May sometime this year. Not only did she write every song’s lyrics and melody, she also took on the role of musician and producer in each song. Taking into account her massive talent, I’m excited to listen to her upcoming album already!