After the first day of ticket sales for Apink‘s North America Pink Memory Tour, the VIP Meet & Greet tickets were all sold out in every city. Now VIP tickets is starting to sell out in the cities! Due to the high demand promoter KpopME wants to provide everyone an opportunity to win a pair of VIP Tickets. KpopME will be hosting a cover contest which will be open from December 2nd to December 18th!

[KpopME Cover Contest]

How To Enter:

  1. Film a dance or vocal cover to any APINK song.
  2. Include an introduction before the cover “Hi! My name is _____ and this is my dance/vocal cover for APINK’s PinkMemorytour!”
  3. Upload the video onto youtube and title the PUBLIC video “ Name of participant – #‎PinkMEMORYtour‬ Cover Contest 2016 ”
  4. Send the link to kmecovers@gmail.com with the title “ (Name of participant) – Pink Memory Tour Cover Entry”

Contest Rules:

– Cover must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds long and maximum of 3 minutes

– You must include the introduction into the video to insure that the video is made specifically for this contest


One winner wins a pair of VIP tickets to one of the tour stops.

How To Vote:

– Submission of entries will be open for 2 weeks

– After the 2 weeks period it will be closed for voting. Once we receive all the entries we will release them all at the same time on kpopme.com so everyone is able to vote for their favourite cover.

– The voting period will be open for one week.

Here is a video message from APINK:

Tickets are all available at Kpopme Apink Site