South Korean hip-hop legends Epik High have released ‘Face ID’, featuring GIRIBOY, Sik-K, and JUSTHIS.

‘Face ID’ is the first release from their upcoming second instalment of their 10th studio album, Epik High Is Here下 (Part 2) – set to be released early in the new year.

The new track offers a celebration, as we begin to figuratively “unlock” our faces after months of being behind masks and lockdowns. Simultaneously, the song suggests a “F you” to those who attack others under the mask of anonymity, emboldened only because they will never come face-to-face with their victims.

“What is a ‘real’ face, really, when deep fakes have become frighteningly authentic and whatever we end up calling the metaverse will most certainly be populated with ape and cat heads?” Epik High philosophises in a statement; the new track is a masterful frenzy of sonic finesse, visual illusions, and critical thinking that builds on the notion that nothing is to be taken at face value.

The official music video for ‘Face ID’ magnifies this idea. The resulting kaleidoscopic collage of IRL and AI-generated faces, mashed with mind-bending effects, exaggerates the images seen by the lens of your phone camera.

Listen to ‘Face ID’ on Spotify, below:

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Photo Credit: OURS Co