After hitting Taiwan with a storm with his debut album in 2014, Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Eric Chou will be back almost 2 years later with his second album What Love Has Taught Us…

The young talent aged 19 at the time won hearts of many with his self-composed album My Way To Love as well as his extremely well-known track “Let’s Not Be Friends In The Future”.

The singer has finally released the music video for his chart sweeping single “How Have You Been?” which is also the ending theme song of Taiwanese drama “Life List“. The beautiful ballad not only showcases his warm and soothing voice but takes you on an emotional journey as the melody transitions from some light piano notes to a hard-hitting climax and guitar solo.

As usual, the singer throws in some very relatable and touching lyrics such as “don’t use farewell to teach me the importance of losing someone”. To accompany the subject of loss, the music video takes you through memory lane, whilst the main lead reminisces the past and his regret of losing his loved one.

Chou‘s second album What Love Has Taught Us… is available for preorder now, and will be released on the 5th of August.