After a break of a year and a half Eve Ai, one of the uncovered gems of Taiwan’s music industry has announced the release of her new album Talk About Eve which encompasses her unique voice and attitude.

Having released it on the 2nd of June, Eve Ai’s first single “The Sum Of Us” has already been the talk of the C-Pop world, with various artists praising her authentic yet awesome songwriting abilities.

Even the likes of HUSH, a fellow singer-songwriter praised the beauty of the song’s melody, jokingly saying that he hates Eve because it’s so good!

In this album, Ai wishes to use her unique vocals to encompass stories of love, loneliness, and escape. Ai says: “I envision this to be an album which is intimate with the audience, just like us sitting down, chatting about love, this and that, listening to my observations of life, and us sharing with each other.”

The album is conceptualised around the two themes of ‘Love’ and ‘Escape’, where Eve sings the thoughts of women towards love, and reality.

In contrast with her previous album which was a criticism of society, she now says “I don’t wish to keep being at odds with the world, I want to take the people closest to me to escape together, going towards the lives we want.”

Including collaborations with producer Chen Jian Qi, lyricist Zhang Jian Jun Wei, and also working with fellow singer-songwriters Evan Yo and Eric Chou, this is certainly an album to watch out for.

Watch Eve’s “The Sum Of Us” music video here:

Eve Ai’s new album “Talk About Eve” is available on KKBOX , iTunes and Spotify now.