In a Hello Asia! premiere, Yeo has released his brand-new single ‘OBSESSION’, a subversive track that will leave you unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

The song takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Yeo’s lyricism brings us on a complex journey of longing, relationships, and personal mental health.  

I wrote this song in the depths of lockdown during winter last year while trying to date. My housemates had partners who visited frequently, and I was quite envious. It got me wondering if it is actually worse to live on my own or to be in my current situation, as the grass is always greener on the other side,” Yeo tells us, speaking on his inspiration behind the song. 

Tackling themes of abandonment and being perpetually single, Yeo drew creative inspiration from the likes of Weezer, Joji, and Phantom Planet to meticulously craft a soundscape that continues to expand his chameleon-like sound. “I grew up listening to bands like Nirvana, Weezer,and The Pixies. I love how they get loud and emotionally expressive without being overly aggressive.

I wanted to make a grunge-y pop tune and experiment to see if that style was viable with electronically programmed drums–like Cake but less playful, or Radiohead but more light-hearted. The wild timbre of distorted electric guitars embodies the messiness and frustration I experienced around the time I wrote the song. There was not much we could do because of the pandemic.

“‘OBSESSION’ was written completely on an acoustic guitar, campfire-style. The original demo was captured as a voice memo on my phone and I’ve left a few of those lo-fi bits in the final version. I programmed the drums, played all the guitars and added the synth at the end. To complete the circle of irony, my housemates are singing the backing vocals in the outro,” says Yeo, speaking on his creative process. 

Yeo reminds us that life isn’t always picture perfect and that there doesn’t always have to be a moral to every story for it to be meaningful.

Listen to ‘OBSESSION’ now available exclusively on Hello Asia! until the single goes live on all platforms tomorrow April 16th.