The sensational boy band EXO has announced their surprise comeback today. EXO will be returning to the fans on the 10th December with their winter album Sing For You. Their comeback will be hosted by Naver Star Live Application V on the same day as the release of the album.

EXO had a busy year with their 2nd album EXODUS and Love Me Right – The 2nd Album Repackage. This time the boys will communicate their winter emotions with the fans through their music. The EXO channel on the V application will showcase ‘EXO COMEBACK STAGE – Sing For You’ on the 10th, presenting the new album for the first time. The showcase will also feature EXO introducing the new album and talking about what they have been up to.

The comeback stage for this album will be performed at a very special place, and is heard to be very differentiated from previous comebacks with more special events. The showcase will be streamed worldwide through V application, and will have a special invitation event for EXO chanel followers. Some followers will be invited to watch the comeback stage more closely and hear the new song for the first time.

The release date of the album is set on the 10th, but the full details of EXO’s ‘EXO COMEBACK STAGE – Sing For You’ will be announced in near future. Keep your eyes open for further information on EXO’s comeback and their showcase on Hello Asia!