Sydney, the fourth season of ‘The Voice of China’ contestant Leon Lee also known as the ‘a voice that surprises people’ not knowingly became one of the competition’s strongest contestant. Led by Taiwan’s superstar musician Jay Chou, Leon Lee managed to advance to the final at Beijing’s National Stadium, singing live in front of thousands of people and millions watching at home. Leon Lee eventually came fifth in the final.

This is also the first time ever for a foreign Chinese contestant has successfully passed every stage to the final round during the broadcast of the past seasons of ‘The Voice of China’. Leon’s outstanding performance has opened up the local communities and the world making everyone feel proud. Last week, Leon came back to Sydney momentarily and attended a fans and media meeting held by TVB in celebration of his success, happily sharing his experience, results and joy in the contest with everyone.

Taken by this opportunity, the local media vigorously asked questions, Leon answered individually sharing lots of interesting and memorable experiences he had during the contest. He expressed in hoping his debut album can quickly release for more opportunities to come back to Sydney and share his music with the fans.

Leon also stated, after the fan meet ended, two days later he would be immediately flying back to Shanghai, continuing to work hard for the ‘The Voice of China’ tour. But no matter where he goes, he will never forget Australian fans. To get to the hearts of more fans, Leon played games and took selfies during the fan meet, some fans even specially prepared gifts for him.

TVB Australia has also prepared a gift for Leon, wishing him the best and more success with his music career in the future. Lastly, Leon performed the hit classic “Love Is Over” which he sang in the blind auditions of the show, Leon’s unique and vigorous voice left the entire audience in goosebumps, which won the fans and audiences enthusiastically applause at the venue.

Before leaving, Leon talked about his activities, which he is currently focusing on Mainland China and participating in ‘The Voice of China’ tour activities. In December he will be releasing his first single and around June next year he will be releasing his debut album.

Photos by TVB Australia

Translation by Heidi Lam

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