FEMM‘s upcoming six-song EP titled 404 Not Found will be released on November 20!

The title will be familiar to fans who encountered the error message displayed on FEMM’s official website these past few weeks, which caused FEMM agents to worry about the duo’s future. In fact it was a teaser for the new release!

The members of FEMM say that they chose the title 404 Not Found to suggest “brand-new music that doesn’t exist (yet), no matter how hard you search for it”.

The EP offers radical rap styles over fierce industrial tracks, pulling in elements of ‘dark pop’, a style that combines musicality and message and is now sweeping the world’s music scene. Rather than simply riding this trend, FEMM draw elements into their own sound to offer a whole new musical experience and a rich seam of emotion.

404 Not Found includes production by DaBaby and Lil Uzi Vert collaborator Star Boy, as well as female Japanese track-makers ANJULIECAT a.k.a. YUA and Diana Chiaki, who were approached directly by the members of FEMM as fans of their work.

With an unpredictable sound that overheats quietly, FEMM’s latest music melds the boundaries between human and machine, borders and languages, to deliver “a world that this world has never seen”.

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