Fans of Chinese cinema, get excited as Magnum Films has a new release coming your way on 29th of April, with the Chinese romantic comedy Finding Mr. Right 2.

Starring the star-studded pair Tang Wei and Wu Xiu Bo, the story is an entirely new creation that is set to break the boundaries of Chinese romantic flicks in the modern era.

A sequel to the 2013 smash hit Finding Mr Right, the film’s trailer promises even more of the action, passion and romance that the first film delivered so well.

Set in Macau’s vibrant gambling industry, Tang Wei plays an escort who although has met with many misfortunes still wishes to chase for a beautiful life, while Wu Xiu Bo plays Daniel, a realtor from Los Angeles who has a sweet tongue and wants to recoup a windfall buying outside of the Chinese market. However, it is a pity that Daniel although filthy rich is empty on the inside.

The pairs’ paths crossed over a copy of 70s novel “84, Charing Cross Road”, a story of two people who used letters to communicate halfway across the world. This saw a romance blossom between the couple, creating a connection between ‘Macau’ and ‘Seattle’, the latter being one of the main backdrops in the novel.

The team travelled to 8 different countries over 7 months; Los Angeles, Macau, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London and more to capture the sights and sounds of the countries, bringing them to life on the silver screen.

Finding Mr. Right 2 will be released in Australian cinemas on 29th of April.

View the trailer here:

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