This year, EU Production will celebrate its 10th anniversary by producing first-ever Korean Web Drama Tell Your Story in Australia. The first episode of this web drama will be released on EU Production’s YouTube Channel on December 19.

“EU Production has been known as the specialist in promoting and producing live events in Australia for 10 years. This time, we decided to a challenge in new area which is producing first-ever web-based Korean drama in Australia,” notes Director Kang Hae-Yun.

The web drama Tell Your Story portrays the story of Korean-Australian producer Park Tae-Hyung (Jeno Kim), who is in charge of a live YouTube radio show for Korean-Australians, also called “Tell Your Story“.

Song Ha-Yoon (Aileen Lim) becomes the DJ for the YouTube radio show, while working as a YouTube travel content creator.

Tell Your Story will consist of eight episodes, showing a heart-warming romance. This will be accompanied by eight epilogues, featuring stories of various Korean people living in Australia.

According to Director Kang, “Despite the current situation of COVID-19, I did not want to give up artworks. By producing this web drama Tell Your Story, we hope our web drama will help us and allow a sense of rest and recovery to overcome this difficult time that everyone is experiencing.”

For more information please visit EU Production’s Instagram, and Facebook.