EPIK HIGH, arguably one of Korea’s most famous hip-hop groups, is finally embarking on their Epik High in Australia tour, stopping at Melbourne and Sydney for two Epik nights! With just over a week until EPIK reach our shores, we thought it would be helpful to take a trip back through their discography and pick our top five songs from the group!


The song is off their 2007 album Remapping the Human Soul, and gives very early 2000’s vibes – the perfect mix of rap and melody with Tablo’s opening verse reminding me of early Eminem. The upbeat nature of the song disguises the somewhat darker meaning of the lyrics, talking about the love of a fan watching their idol. In fact, the entire album tackles some much darker and controversial topics, so it’s well worth a listen.

Home is Far Away

A somber song featuring Oh Hyuk from Hyukoh, the songs expresses frustration over chasing dreams but never quite getting there. The Korean title, literally meaning “Empty Car” is very fitting for the song, which uses the motif of missing a taxi and having to walk home, signifying the hopelessness of having to take a slower route compared to the faster route. A slower song with deep lyrics, it will soon have you reflecting on the disparaging consciousness of life.


The song ‘Fly’, off their album Swan Song, is considered the song that shot them to mainstream success and placed EPIK HIGH on the map. Known for having inspired other artists to begin composing their own raps, this feel-good songs essentially gives the world a big Screw You, and encourages the listeners to pursue their dreams, open their wings and fly. This meaning becomes even more heartfelt when you learn that Swan Song was intended to be Epik High’s last album following poor performance of their previous albums.

Don’t Hate Me

The song that first introduced me to EPIK HIGH and was their first song in three years, and first release under their label at the time YG Entertainment. For those unfamiliar, EPIK HIGH have had a historically tumultuous relationship with their fans and anti-fans, with member Tablo being a constant subject to malicious rumours surrounding the legitimacy of his education (although these rumours was proved false time and time again). The song details their love for their fans and distate for anti-fans, and cleverly features Tablo’s wife Kang Hye Jung halfway through the song, considering that Tablo initially wrote this song for his wife. Don’t let this happy and energetic song fool you.

Happen Ending

Arguably one of the most well-known more recent EPIK HIGH songs, the song Happen Ending (a play on words since the title also can mean careless or easy ending in Korean) is a hip-hop ballad talking about the hopelessness of love after failed relationships. Interesting to note is the lyrical back-and-forth between Tablo and Mithra Jin after the first chorus, and the haunting vocals of Cho Won Sun of Rollercoaster

Epik High, presented by JK Entertainment, will be playing in Melbourne on the 18th July at 170 Russell, and in Sydney on the 19th July at Big Top Sydney. While tickets for Melbourne have sold out, tickets for Sydney are still available here, starting from $89.