On October 27th in Chelsea, New York, the Asian-American TV & Film Alliance joined the New York Television Festival to create their first event: The First Annual Asian-American TV & Film Festival Golden Oak Award ceremony.

The Asian-American TV & Film Alliance is a “high-end platform,” created with international cooperation in TV and film to bridge both China and the U.S. to bring superior programming in entertainment. The development of The Golden Oak Award is the commemorate and recognize the outstanding excellence of film and television with Sino-American collaborations.

The first jaw dropping moment was the amazing fashion on the red carpet. Yes, there were beautiful flowing gowns but as a former fashion designer I was awed by the fusion and mixture of Asian fabrics with Western flair. Zhou Zhi’s creamy golden gown with cathedral length train was a show stopper. The men were divine in their designer suits that fit like a glove; they definitely had swag appeal.

American members of the Asian-American Alliance speaking Mandarin with a perfect accent was the second jaw dropping moment. 35-year Hollywood Veteran Jerome Perzigian was introduced by a flood of applause. As he meekly acknowledged the crowd’s cheers, he grabbed the microphone and started to speak Mandarin. His impressive background did not seem to jade him, and he seemed to be so comfortable amongst the sea of fans.

Up-and-coming producer award winner Nuer Taqu happily received his award and addressed the audience in Mandarin and later in English. I was so delighted to hear Americans and others truly making an effort to speak Mandarin. There was such unity on-stage between the eclectic mix of talented presenters and spectacular winners. There were a few charming moments when the awards were given out in confusion by American presenters that mixed up the trophies on-stage. But for the most part, for a first time Golden Oak Awards Ceremony, it went quite well.

I must admit how star-struck I was by the big names that graced the stage of this award show. The American line up was amazing. First off, was Jerome Perzigian show runner, director and writer, for some of the most innovative and outstanding American Television show of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Jerome is also the Co-Chairman of the Asian-American TV & Film Alliance. He stated that he believes that it is the perfect time for New York, Beijing, and Hollywood to join forces and create amazing entertainment.

Next is Co-Chairman Qian Jun. I really love his motto, “In Union there is Art.” Qian Jun is happy to build bridges for the Sino-American cultural exchange. The Asian-American TV & Film Alliance was formed to bring Eastern & Western film and TV cultural exchange to bring high quality Chinese programming and film projects to the global fore-front. Another Ah moment was when Charles Sullivan stepped up as a presenter. Charles and his father, the late Bill Sullivan, were the former owners of American Football’s the New England Patriots and produced Michael Jackson and the Jackson’s Family Tour.

This star-studded event was a well-orchestrated collaboration of writers, producers, and directors from America and Asia. The list was astounding and too many to share, but believe me it was impressive. For the forth jaw dropping moment, I must admit I was touched by the honesty and passion of both the American and the Asian producers and members of Alliance forging such a strong bond on the entertainment front. Their vision for strong Sino-American programming and film is a long term one. This was the first year for the Golden Oak Award Ceremony, but I believe this is the first of many awards shows that will be opening doors for more Asian production companies, directors, and writers to join forces with Hollywood and New York. And I personally and excited to see the future.

Now here is my abridged list of some of the winners and recipients of various awards:

  • Lifetime Achieve Award
    • Director and Producer – Xiaogang You
      Four decades of quality and artist creativity
  • Best Producers
    • Haung Lan
    • Li Bo (Vice Chairman and Head Producer of Alibaba Pictures)
    • Jon Shufi
    • Dong Li
    • Linda Yellen (American Producer since the 1980s)
  • Best Directors
    • Claude Kerven (Creator of SNL shorts and academy award Emmy award winner)
    • Jin Shuli (Her works won TV Production Master Award at the Athena Film Festival 2017 and many more awards worldwide)
  • Raising Star Producer
    • Nuer Taqu (Producer of the Negotiator with Tao formally part of K-Pop Boyband sensation EXO)
  • Best Emerging Director
    • Zhao Dongyang (for “Red Star Over China” based on Peal Buck’s “The Good Earth” )
  • Best TV Series
    • The First Half of my Life
    • Princess Agents
    • Boyhood
    • To Be a Better Man
    • Tracks in the Snowy Forest
    • Autumn Harvest Uprising
    • Heirs
    • Shadowshunters
    • Blossoms in Dream
    • For My Love
    • The Pursuit of Happiness
    • Tornado Girl 2
  • Best Rising Star in Comedy
    • Jocelyn Chia (NY based from Singapore Lawyer turned comedian)
  • Most Promising Actor
    • Hou Jingian (famous for his depiction of Chairman Mao in “Autumn Harvest Uprising”)
  • Most Promising Actress
    • Yu Yong (a beauty and classic girl next door with a great future ahead of her)
  • Best Actor
    • Liu Kai Wei (the handsome lawyer in the successful series “Heirs”)
  • Best Actress
    • Zhou Zhi (stunning in every sense of the word)
  • Overall Special Achievement
    • Gua Aleh (spanning 4 decades of acting excellence)

To sum things up, this was a very entertaining and informative cross-cultural award show. The fashion, passion, and talent were truly breathtaking. I can’t wait to see more of their artists here in America. And I hope to be back next year for the Second Annual Golden Oak Award Ceremony!