FT Island Arena Tour

Were you one of the thirty thousand Primadonna who attended FTISLAND‘s arena tour? We wish we were! The band have been busy putting on incredible performances for fans in Japan to celebrate the release of their sixth full-length album N.W.U.

The album is said to be filled from top to bottom with all of FTISLAND’s heart and emotions and has been well received on a number of music charts including Oricon and Tower Records.

Their set-list for ‘FTISLAND Arena Tour 2016 – Law of FTISLAND: N.W.U‘ so far has included ten songs from their album including ‘Aqua’ and ‘You Don’t Know Who I Am’. Leader Choi Jong Hoon revealed after their encore stage that Budokan has been added to their tour and that fans who attend can look forward to a new set-list.

FTISLAND will be performing in Nagoya on the 20th of May before heading to Budokan on the 24th of June for their grand finale!