Hot on the heels of her latest new album Heartbeat which was released last year, new-gen Mandopop princess G.E.M Tang has announced a new world tour titled ‘Queen of Hearts‘.

At the present moment, only six stops to the tour have been confirmed, all of them in Mainland China, with the singer-songwriter stopping off in Guangzhou (1-2 April), Nanjing (8 April), Beijing (15 April), Luo Yang (29 April), Nanchang (13 May) and Changsha (20 May).

However, given that G.E.M’s last tour took her all the way down under, there is still hope for Australian fans that she will bring her tour to us once again.

Sporting a new, spunky image, the theme goes along nicely with the name of her last album ‘New Heartbeat’. Furthermore, the quick succession of new singles and world tours, this seems a promising development for the future of G.E.M’s career on the international stage.

While waiting patiently for an updated list of tour stops, check out the teaser video for the concert below!

If you happen to be in Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing or Luo Yang, click on the hyperlink for ticketing information!