After a three-year wait, Mandopop diva G.E.M Gem Tang has finally announced and released her new album ‘New Heartbeat’, a visual album that was completely composed by her.

G.E.M and her record company Hummingbird music hope that through releasing 10 music videos for 10 songs, they can revolutionise the music listening experience to capture both sight, and sound.

Producer Lupo Gronig maintains that this album is “100% Gem”, as it is the first album where each song’s lyrics and melodies were completely composed by the rising superstar.

Now, audiences are no longer restricted to two or three singles which have become the norm for many artists; fans can now pick from any of the ten singles and music videos, which have been directed by talented directors from Taiwan and America such as Huang Zhong Ping and Hannah Lux Davis.

Good or bad, this ‘visual album’ experience is certainly an interesting one, and I can’t wait to watch all of her new music videos!