After skyrocketing to success on the second season of ‘I Am A Singer’, young diva G.E.M Tang has embarked on several world tours, taken on Hollywood, and enchanted millions with her tangerine vocals.

For fans of her work, she’s now released an aptly titled 90-minute documentary ‘G-Force‘ directed by award-winning director Nick Miller detailing her road to success.

Other than including choice cuts from some of her worldwide performances, the documentary also shines a light on G.E.M’s inner world, telling untold stories about her sacrifices and struggles with authenticity which were all part of her success story.

With this tale of adventure, passion and conflict, this compelling doco is a must-see for G.E.M fans.

See documentary trailer here:

G-Force is available to download now from iTunes Australia

G.E.M will also be touring her ‘Queen of Hearts’ tour, starting off in Suzhou on the 5th of August, playing in Singapore on the 12th and 13th and performing in Hong Kong on the 16th of September. Go to for more information.