Known as the ‘Asian Taylor Swift’, G.E.M (Gem Tang) fits the description well, having achieved much success despite her young age, having even made it onto Forbes’ ’30 under 30′ list last year.

To celebrate her 25th birthday, G.E.M organised her own exhibit in Beijing called ’25 Looks’ which showcased ten-metre tall images of G.E.M that was free to the public for a week! On the day of her party at the venue, it was decorated nicely with a 90s vintage theme and elements of ‘sporty chic’ which reflected Tang’s bubbly personality nicely!


The exhibit was actually Hummingbird Music’s birthday gift to G.E.M, and was put together by Emma Wallace, a designer who G.E.M has always been inspired by.

Together with members of the press and 50 fans from all over the world, G.E.M cut her cake, sang her birthday song and summarised the event by saying laughingly: “This is probably the most playful and fun release party right?”

In a sentimental moment, G.E.M shared a letter addressed to her 12 year old self which she wrote to commemorate her 25th birthday. The handwritten letter was also included in her photobook.

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Dressed in a cute lion onesie, the event was also to showcase her new photobook “25 Looks” which has since been available online on pre-release. The book features 25 new looks that were captured by famous Fashion photographer Charlotte Rutherford who has worked for many fashion magazines such as ‘Nylon’ and ‘Paper’.

Of the new photobook, G.E.M says: “The 25 looks in the photobook represent different sides of me, the clothes are just one way of expressing that, there isn’t one definition of beauty, being the realest self is most important”.