What’s the difference between Malaysian Durian and Thai Durian?

Did you know Malaysian durians are far superior in taste and aroma as compared to Thai durian due to the fact that Malaysian durians are allowed to drop after it has ripened while Thai durians are harvested from the tree?

When durians ripen, they are usually almost 100% mature, while Thai durians are normally harvested at about 75% maturity. Matured durians give a higher aroma, taste and sweetness. Besides, Malaysian climatic condition and soil are most suited for durian cultivation in this region, thus, the superiority of taste and aroma.

Musang King is considered the top quality Malaysian durian due to its unique taste, aroma, texture and sweetness. Musang King is the result of extensive research by growers to cultivate the BEST durian for domestic market as well as export market. To date, Musang King is the top selling durian in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea. Due to this, the price had shot up tremendously in the last 5 years. At times when supply is low, consumers are willing to pay double or triple the regular price just to savour the king of fruits.

Make no mistake about it, Malaysian Musang King tastes like heaven and smells like hell!

You can taste and buy these heavenly fruits at the Rockman Australia stall at the Malaysia Festival this Sunday 4th September 2016 at Darling Harbour.

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For more information see Rockman Australia website and Malaysia Festival website.