Malaysian-born artist Gin Lee recently celebrated her sixth year in the Hong Kong music industry, which represents a new page in her story! At the beginning of January, she was signed to Hong Kong’s Universal music and even hosted her own mini concert “Pairs and Gin Lee mini concert”, the first she has ever done during her time in the industry.

The mini concert was also live-streamed through Ai Qi Li’s platform, allowing even more fans to use the internet to view the concert proceedings. During the concert, Gin’s natural talent was clear for all audience members to see as she sang songs such as “Today finally coming home alone” and “Rose’s story” to her audiences, who swooned at the sound of her beautiful vocals.


Last year, Gin came into the spotlight for her entry into “The Voice of China 4” and for her participation in “Chinese Idol”. During her concert, she also picked a few choice songs from her time on those shows to sing, such as David Tao’s “Angel”, Stefanie Sun’s “Sky darkens”, and other classic hits such as “Heart Pangs” and “Love is forever”, bringing the concert to its climax.

Lee also picked several songs that meant a lot to her to sing during the performance, such as “Like a star” and “Red Bean”, as well as her own single “Pairs” which was written to reflect her own love story. Her live performance of this song was infectious, moving every member of the audience.


Lee commented that although it was merely a small performance, she had been waiting for this day for a while and that it was a dream come true for her after these 6 years of work. The massive turnout at her concert also let her very touched by the passion of her fans, and sang to them “Normal Friends” by David Tao as a sweet parting gift to them.