Gin Lee has announced the release of her first album under Universal music called beGin celebrating with a pre-release listening session to allow fans to have a taste of what was to come!

Her first single “Both” is Gin’s first released song, with the music video gaining over 1.8 million views on YouTube

Gin explained at the session that the album name beGin had two meanings-‘Begin’ because it was a new start with a new record company. and ‘be Gin’ to link back to her theme of being herself.

Producer Eric Kwok was also at the session and shared his experiences in working on two of her new songs, including “When I think of you” and “Future”, sharing a couple of their amusing experiences with the audience.

Kwok also shared that he was very impressed with Gin’s talent, and Gin, to thank him for all his support gave him a copy of the album that had not yet been publicly released.

Another one of Gin’s producers Alex Fung also made an appearance to share about “You Really Want It Don’t You” and “Light Surrounding”, the two songs they worked on together, saying that both songs were completed memorably and smoothly.

At the end, Fung accompanied Gin on the piano as she sang her latest single “People Under The Moon” to end a perfect event.