Yakikami draws on the expertise of Emily and Roy Yu, paired with a sophisticated take on traditional Japanese barbecue; produce of pristine province is cooked to flavoursome perfection over hot charcoal Josper grills. 

Sleek, sophisticated and moody restaurant interiors that simultaneously channel restraint and opulence, Yakikami seats 70 guests in total. Patrons can select their own choices a la carte or leave their gastronomical journey to the experienced Chef’s selections. Yakikami menus have been created by Michelin star Chef Hirokazu Sasaki.

As expert sleuths of sourcing only the finest products and ingredients, Emily and Roy are two rare restauranteurs who possess the KOBE Golden Calf certificate of authentication, ordained as the preferred suppliers of the rare and delicious Kobe beef here in Australia.

Paying homage to this unique experience, Wine Industry Advocate, Phillip Rich, has curated an exceptional and extensive wine list that compliments every morsel on the menu, matching the quality of the food that will appeal to different dishes, tastes and wallets. 

“Our Wagyu beef is grilled in a Josper oven; which uses high temperatures to bring out its Umami flavour. This displays artisan-ship over the counter that will be sure to entertain and stimulate your appetite,” says restauranteur Roy Yu. “Our Wagyu cuisine is made with various artistic methods of cooking and richly flavourful dishes made from seasonal ingredients.” 

For more information, head to Yakikami’s official website.