Beat the winter blues and warm your soul through and through with Grand Lafayette‘s sensory stimulating sake flight this winter! 

For first-time sake sippers, Grand Lafayette is sure to ignite a new love for the famed fermented rice, leaving tastebuds tingling and a soul-warming feeling perfect for neutralising Melbourne’s frosty air. 

Sake is a standout in the liquor world because it can be served at a wide range of temperatures from chilled or room temperature to warm or hot. Matching the temperature of the sake to the dish of choice at Grand Lafayette can further enhance the umami flavour profile of traditional Japanese meals. 

For the hot price of $35 per flight, guests are invited to sip on a luxe variety of four, well balanced, rare and aromatic Japanese sake options from the Grand Lafayette collection, including the opportunity to sample a rare sake – the highly prized Junmai Daiginjo! 

With so much on offer and something for everyone, winter never felt (or tasted!) so good. Book in, grab a seat and let the Lafayette edible theatre dazzle and delight you! 

WHEN: July – August 2022
WHERE: Grand Lafayette (9 Clifton Street, Prahran)