Renowned video art pioneer Paik Nam June’s most important and influential works are on display in a monumental exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea from July 21 to October 30, 2016.

Gallery Yeh and YG Plus proudly present “Paik Nam June Show” to celebrate Paik’s birthday on July 20th and commemorate 10th anniversary of his death.

D’strict Art Tech Factory wields its state ­of ­the ­art technology and digital design excellence to craft a revolutionary entertainment experience worthy of Paik Nam June’s legacy. Self­ guided audio tours are narrated in English and Korean by Tablo, a leader of hip hop group Epik High under YG Entertainment and a founder of K­indie label, HIGHGRND. Discount ticket packages are available via the show’s global online partner, Tourbrat (


The show takes visitors through 5 themed exhibition halls, each serving as a powerful chapter in an unforgettable experiential story:

1. Hope: Massive human­shaped robots line up along both sides of the wall as if they are marching, conveying the artist’s passion for harmonious interaction between human and technology.

2. Nostalgia: This area presents the trajectory of Paik Nam June’s memories, developing a deeper understanding of his art through a collection of his precious drawings and objects.

3. Love: Colorful and mesmerizing video monitors hang in a romantic forest setting, and the romantic and soothing atmosphere is maximized with media effect and sound hovering around the room.

4. Infinity: The seemingly endless exhibition room of M200 offers wall­ to­ wall, ceiling­ to ­floor video screens accompanied by music, evoking infinite existence and the beauty of life.

5. Idea: The dramatic finale features the 10­ meter wide and 6­ meter high “Turtle,” and the grand surrounding video effect symbolizes Paik Nam June’s ideals and values.


The complex also features several free installations that are open to the general public. Media Next is a collaboration between Samsung and media artist Jong Bum Choi. This tribute to Paik Nam June portrays his artwork on the high definition screens with Choi’s radical new version of electronic moving images. The Art Cafein collaboration with Fritz Coffee Company, a leading coffee company in Korea, will be open to the general public for coffee and merchandise goods related to the exhibition.

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