The Hallyu wave has brought the Korean entertainment industry to Australian shores, but it’s thanks to the work of Sydney’s Korean Cultural Centre that we’re able to experience Korean culture as a whole! Enjoy a variety of delicious Korean foods (including a range of jeon, kimbap and wraps!) while you explore the wonderful hanji exhibition. Hanji is a strong Korean paper made primarily out of mulberry skin, and through this exhibition you’ll see why it’s one of Korea’s treasures!

The Hanji Craft Exhibition is on every day until the 29th of February and Hello Asia were lucky enough to be invited to the opening ceremony! Pre-ceremony events included traditional Korean dances and musical performances. A large collection of dresses made out of Hanji were then put on parade by a team of models, with each new appearance leaving spectators wondering how in the world such a beautiful and intricate dress was made out of traditional paper. That’s exactly what this exhibition aims to explain: hanji is not just any old paper! Stronger and more durable than textiles, the Hanji Craft Exhibition shows the traditional paper turned into dresses, jewelry, jugs and more.


Want to experience making beautiful crafts out of hanji yourself? The Korean Cultural Centre have prepared a number of workshops where you can learn how to make a folding fan, a Dakpaper doll, paper string craft and jewelry! The final round of workshops will be held on the 16th of February, so book now to ensure your place.


Hanji Craft Exhibition: 15th February to the 29th February
Workshop Experience: 16th February
Paper Market: 16th February
Hanji Fashion Show: 17th February

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of some of Korea’s traditional culture! Find out more details about the Hanji Festival through the Korean Cultural Centre’s official website.

Hanji festival

Photos courtesy of Korean Cultural Centre Sydney