After 12 years in the industry the talk show “Here Comes KangXi” hosted by Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu will be ending, due to the resignation of both its hosts.

Gaining a massive following due to Dee’s famously acerbic and witty quips and Tsai’s smooth-talking hosting style, news first broke on the 16th of October, when Kevin Tsai announced his leave from the program via his official Facebook.

He wrote: “I’m saying goodbye to Here Comes Kangxi. Of course, I told Dee Hsu about it first; then amicably tendered my resignation with (producer) Wang Wei Chung. I told him that I wanted a change – we’re fast approaching the 12-year mark with the show and the ones I want to thank the most are the tireless crew members. I hope that all of you found that it was worth it. I’ll remember this amazing journey forever in my heart. In the past 12 years, we’ve shed tears of joy and gone through dark periods of time. People coming and going is all part of life; goodbye to my precious times with Kangxi.”

Soon after, Dee posted a status update on her Facebook, notifying fans of her decision to resign together with Tsai.

“Kangxi is something Kevin and I created together, a life that we experienced together and ten years we spent together that I can never forget. To me, Kangxi is incomplete without Kevin, so my dear, let’s advance and retreat together. Regardless, (I’ll) love you forever”.

Following this, Dee posted another updated on the 21st of October, expressing her sadness at filming an episode of Here Comes KangXi the next day due to the ending of the show.

“Tomorrow I’m going to record Kangxi, I still can’t bear to sleep, after I sleep, wake up and go into the studio, after recording is finished, I will be even closer to D-day! So actually I’m still pretty kind hearted!”

Netizens’ suspicions have arisen over Tsai’s decision to leave the show however, with new information surfacing over his popularity in China and a possible move towards the mainland hosting market. Reports say that he currently requests 8million RMB for a seven-day shoot.

Other speculations include recent slamming of Tsai’s hosting style for being boring, and potential conflicts in commitment, with Tsai’s directorial debut Chi Chi De Ai aiming for release next year.

All in all, what I’d like to know most is, will the show go on? And if so, who will be the new hosts? The bar has been set high by the fast-talking pair, and replacement hosts with some serious talent will be needed to stave off the wrath of Kangxi’s massive fanbase, which amounts to over 1 million fans on Facebook alone.