History of INFINITE_logo

The famous K-pop boy band Infinite has prepared a surprise event for the fans.

On the 20th, Woolim Entertainment has released the official logo for the “History of Infinite” exhibition through their SNS channels. The agency announced that along with the “That Year’s Summer 3” Seoul concerts from the 3rd of August to the 8th, they will open the “History of Infinite” exhibition as a special event for the fans.

The exhibition will be taking place on the same venue as the concert NEMO, Bluesquare in Seoul.

Infinite is celebrating their 6th debut anniversary this year, and the exhibition is set to present the group’s footsteps since their debut. “History of Infinite” will be divided into three sections – History, That Year’s Summer and World Tour.

The exhibition will contain behind-the-scene photos and videos of the members which the fans will be seeing for the first time. The members’ actual stage costumes will also be a part of the exhibition, and a music video set will be set up in the centre for the fans to enjoy memorable experiences only available at the exhibition.

Woolim Entertainment states “this exhibition is a special mixed event propsed and participated by the members themselves, to present a pleasant mixture of concert and the exhibition”. The agency believes the fans will be more pleased with the exhibition, with specially produced MDs and contents available.

The “History of Infinite” exhibition will open on the 3rd of August to the 7th, along with the “That Year’s Summer 3” concerts.