Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J Abrams has revealed on Japanese television recently that he considered adding an idol from AKB48 whilst he was working on the Star Trek franchise.

Whilst promoting his current blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Japan, J.J Abrams appeared on talk show Mezamashi TV and the host asked Abrams if he liked Japanese idol pop singers.

Abrams revealed he had attended a live AKB48 concert in the group’s theatre in Akihabara after a Japanese acquaintance took him to a show. Abrams explained this was around 2009 when he was working on the Star Trek reboot and was amazed by the performance. In fact, he was so impressed by AKB48’s stage presence that considered adding one of the members as a cast on Star Trek. The subject of which member was not discussed in the interview.

Although the casting didn’t come to fruition, we can only hope that J.J Abrams consider a future AKB48 tie up with his current Star Wars project!

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