Kong Kong celebrities have joined forces to raise awareness and support for their firefighters after last week’s 108 hour battle to combat the deadly flames at Ngau Tau Kok industrial building, which lead to the death of two firefighters.

The “Salute To Our Firefighters” campaign was launched through social media urging people to upload a photo of themselves holding a piece of paper with “Salute To Our Firefighters” in one hand and a torch or light in the other.

Many celebrities have jumped on board including big names such as Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Sammo Hung, Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Aaron Kwok, Gem Tang etc.

The stars are also working on a song in honour of the firefighters

Hong Kong citizens are not only actively participating in this campaign, but also paying tribute, showing their gratitude and donating to the frontline crew.

Andy Lau


Eason Chan

Jackie Chan