TS Entertainment has released a surprise comeback teaser image for Secret member Hyosung‘s second solo mini album.

The image was released today (11/3) and featured Hyosung surrounded by flowers wearing a white dress. The flowers and the dress portrays her as a ‘spring laday’ and the fans are excited for the diva’s change of concept from her last solo album. Also, the teaser explains the image of Myosotis posted on the artist’s Instagram on the 9th. Myosotis is the flower for 28th of Mrach which hinted the comeback date and has a meaning of ‘forget me not’. The fans are now loving the clever concept of using a flower to hint the comeback date and the teaser.

Staring with today’s release of the teaser image, TS Entertainment will publish moving teaser on the 15th, music video cover image on the 18th, the trailer on the 23rd, and the official comeebck on the 28th. Her comeback showcase will the broadcasted live through the Naver’s V App on the same date so watch out for Hyosung’s first performance of her new solo song!