Following the release of her previous single ‘do I, do I’inch puts her dancing shoes aside for a more sombre affair in her new single ‘trees’.

‘trees’ is a powerful ode to nature. Inspired by inch’s personal experience during lockdown, the single is about finding comfort in nature surrounding us. The lockdowns over the past months have affected many of us physically and mentally, but we can take refuge in the simple things around us, things we have taken for granted so often, to heal and grow.

“During the lockdown period, many including myself, found ourselves constantly surrounded by four walls and the inescapable confrontation of my own thoughts. I often catch myself staring out my window, fixating on the energy of nature; the clouds shape shifting, how the sun kisses buildings, and how the trees seem to dance at the will of the winds. Staring long enough, these trees would start to walk, lumbering around rootless and homeless. I felt a lonely comfort in this daydream and a little less depressed in my confinement,” inch explains.

Listen to ‘trees’ on Spotify, below.

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