The famous K-idol Infinite released their teaser for their comeback on the 19th.

Woolim Entertainment has uploaded the INFINITE 2016 Logo Expansion Teaser video on their official web page and SNS, as well as broadcasting it through Naver TV Cast and V Live.

In addition to the initial comeback tease released on the 31st August, the new video contains expanded version of the logo and the name of the new album.

Infinite Only

The teaser features black cylinders engraved with each member’s initials are connected together, smoothly moving to draw the logo. The fast pace of screen changes as well as the music suggest a countdown, ending with the appearance of the logo.

At the end of the teaser, the new album name INFINITE ONLY and the comeback date ‘2016.19.19’ is shown with the logo, highlighting the group’s comeback. Infinite is coming together as a group in a year and 2 months’ time, arousing excitement for their new music.

Infinite has always been releasing a new logo specific for each album, thus the revealing of the logo for this year’s comeback is adding to the enthusiasm for the new album.

Infinite Oricon

Before the group’s comeback in Korea, Infinite has ended ‘That Year’s Summer 3’ Japan tour, with their Best Of INFINITE album coming first in the Oricon chart.

Infinite has been continuous with their Japan activities since their debut, and their albums have always received excellent results in Japan starting with the first official Japanese album ‘When You Fall In Love’ in 2013.

The success of Infinite in Japan is increasing the enthusiasm for the comeback on the 19th.