GHOST9 debuted less than a month ago, and yet the nine-member boyband are already making K-Pop waves.

The launch of their first music video for ‘Think of Dawn‘ received millions of views on YouTube within days of its release. Coinciding with the release of this video, the boys dropped their debut EP; a feature of 6 songs that reveal and begin to explore the different sides of their personality, showcasing their unique perspective of the world, while introducing fans to their universe. 

With their audience increasing by day, Anastasia Giggins spoke to the rookie group where we got to learn more about each of the members, their ambitions, their inspirations, and their plans for the rest of 2020!

Congratulations on your debut! Just last week you released your first mini-album Pre-Episode 1: Door. How does it feel to finally have this work out in the world, available to your fans? 

We were hoping and dreaming the day of our debut, and we wondered when it would come. It was very impressive and exciting – we can’t believe it!

We want to learn a lot of new things through good experience. Also, we want to do everything by working hard. Thank you for helping us who made our debut, and please look forward to GHOST9, who will continuously work hard.

The name of the album, Pre-Episode, might suggest that you will release more music soon – can fans anticipate a comeback fairly shortly? 

It has only been a couple of days since our debut, so we’re sure that our fans would want to see more of us already. For that, we will work even harder with our stages and performances.

For people who may not have listened to your music before, how would you describe the sound of GHOST9?

Our music has a variety of tastes and colors with each song which showcasing different sides of us.

What other concepts or genres would you like to try in the future?

We want to do hip-hop, softer than our title track, sexy, dreamy, cool, and bright; we want to try various adventurous concepts without being fixed on one style.

Who influences and inspires you? Why?

JUNHYUNG: TAEYANG. I would like to learn about his attitude toward music and the energy emitted on the stage

DONGJUN: Nachal of Garion-he is my music mentor and teacher. Hip-Hop Music is the core of all my creations.

SHIN: KAI of EXO, and TAEMIN of SHINee. I respect how they study and try to develop and incorporate these efforts into their work. They are working hard, step-by-step, even now.

KANGSUNG: Eddie Sleeman, as he changes the world by using his flaws and making them his strengths. G-Dragon, too. There are many things to learn from him, such as his performances and style.

JUNSEONG: BoA, and Si-Kyung Seong. I would like to learn about how they speak so well.

PRINCE: Our members around me inspire me every day with their passion and energy.

WOOJIN: My Dad. He always has the right answer for me when I am having a hard or difficult time.

TAESEUNG: NCT‘s TAEYONG, and SHINee‘s TAEMIN. They are so gorgeous!!

JINWOO: I am inspired by Hyo-shin Park and influenced by DONGJUN, and a vocal teacher.

What is success to each of you? What would you like to achieve, together, as a team going into the future?

JUNHYUNG: For me, what others recognise when I do what I want to do. As GHOST9, it would be standing together on stage at the Grammy Awards.

DONGJUN: The goal of GHOST9 is to deliver a message of comfort and hope.

SHIN: My personal success is to live happily, and our goal as a team is to deliver a message of hope and consolation to our fans.

KANGSUNG: Personally, I think it’s a comfortable position to step on the next step, and as a team, I want to be at the top.

PRINCE: To me, success can be simply described as happiness and not regretting and constantly thinking about the past.

JUNSEONG: I think that success means having a goal to develop continually, and as a team, I want to convey my dreams and hopes to our fans.

WOOJIN: I want to as GHOST9 continue to meet our fans with various albums.

TAESEUNG: I think it’s a personal success to have people by my side even if I don’t look for them, and I want to be on the Billboard stage together.

JINWOO: Achieving my own goals, getting on the big stage

2020 has been a challenging year across the globe. As musicians and performers, how have you dealt with restrictions when it comes to performing? 

Not only us, but everyone in the world is going through a difficult situation. With our positive attitude, we tried our best to develop ourselves via the Internet and other things.

When you’re going through difficult times, what gives you the strength and motivation to push forward?

Family, members, music, and people who believe in and support us are the strength and motivation to push forward.

What can we expect from GHOST9 in the future?

We’d like to show various and diverse attempts. Even if it’s hard, we’d like to show how we steadily move forward and grow.

What are your plans and goals for the rest of 2020, going into 2021? 

We want to experience and learn in many stages, and we want to do our best in the given stage this year. If we have a chance, we want to challenge the rookie of the year award.

Do you have a message for your fans?

We are always grateful to all the fans who supported us and watched GHOST9. We will show you how much we can improve. We’ll do our best, so please enjoy it. Thank you for supporting GHOST9!!!

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Check out GHOST9’s debut album, PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR, on Spotify.

This interview was conducted in Korean and was translated by the agency into English.