South Korean boy group, PENTAGON, has showcased a variety of colour through a series of varying concepts since their debut. The nine-member group has developed a very distinct PENTAGON sound through their extensive discography.

Earlier this year, the group released their first full-length studio album UNIVERSE: THE BLACK HALL. Their title track ‘Dr. BeBe’ went through a drastic concept change, highlighting their dark charisma, sharp choreography, and chilling variety of emotions throughout the music video; a contrast from their usual fun and bright style showcased in previous comebacks ‘Shine’, ‘Humph!’ and ‘Naughty Boy’.

PENTAGON will be holding their third fan meeting, this time online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So UNIVERSE from all around the world will be able to join PENTAG-ON AIR on September 6th!

Ahead of their livestreamed fan meeting, Hello Asia! was given the opportunity to speak to PENTAGON about their growth, their journey through Road to Kingdom; as well as learn some memorable moments through their career and get some scoop of what success means to them. We also hear about their upcoming full-length Japanese album and how they are preparing for their first online fan meeting.

Next month you will be hosting your first online fanmeeting, ‘PENTAG-ON AIR’. What are you most looking forward to? Can you give us any clues or insight into what we can expect?

HONGSEOK: Since it has been a while we’ve seen each other, we are going to show you our various aspects such as cute, sexy, and cool.

YEOONE: We are preparing exclusive performance which can only be seen at the online fan meeting, so please look forward to it!

YUTO: I’m so excited because it has been a long time since we had the recent fan meeting. There will be new performances which have never been shown before!

KINO: As it is PENTAGON’s first online performance, I’m so excited but also worried a lot – I hope you look forward to the songs which are newly arranged at this fan meeting!

When preparing for this online show, did you find that the process was different compared to preparing for a live stage performance? If so, in what ways was this process different? 

HUI: As much as we show you our performances though a screen, I’m thinking we have to prepare more thoroughly and also consider making you feel like we perform right in front of you like an offline show.

KINO: You can just see a part of stage that comes into your view for offline shows, but we can use more various spots and movements for online shows. I think it’s interesting.

WOOSEOK: Everything such as set list and plot is all different from offline shows.

You all recently went through the survival programme, ‘Road to Kingdom’. What is the best thing that has come from this experience?

HUI: I think I’ve got a lot of confidence. Also, I’ve got much more diverse perspectives on song writing and performances.

HONGSEOK: The cheers and loves from UNIVERSE! And unforgettable memories. It was a really great experience.

YEOONE: I think my perspective on performances has changed the most!

KINO: No limit to PENTAGON’s abilities. I was surprised that I was able to create such a performance and I could also discover the abilities and new aspects of PENTAGON.

WOOSEOK: We gave ideas and organised each performances from the beginning to the end of the show, and I realised how much time and effort was needed for each performance

Yeo One and Hui have made their debut as musical actors – how is being in a musical different to what you have done previously in the way of performing? Do the other members have interest in wanting to become musical actors?

HUI: I felt a bit of pressure of acting and having dialogue at the same time, and there were so many things to make efforts such as singing in a different way than the dance music.

HONGSEOK: I really want to try it someday.

What have been some of the most proudest or most memorable moments for PENTAGON?

HUI: The most memorable moment was when I looked at my members standing by right before the performance ‘Basquiat’ in ‘Road to Kingdom’. I was really relieved thankful for my members, who are like my family.

HONGSEOK: I’m so proud of PENTAGON whenever we are on stages, especially us in ‘Road to Kingdom’.

SHINWON: Always, every moment.

YEOONE: The moments that we meet UNIVERSE all over the world during the world tour were the memorable!

YUTO: I’m proud of the relationship and chemistry with my members. We are so close to each other that we are always happy and fun.

KINO: I’m proud of PENTAGON every moment. All the members sincerely consider and suggest their opinions when we produce new albums or concerts. I think it looks cool to be prudent to musical aspects even though we are usually playful.

WOOSEOK: I’m so proud of PENTAGON that I always brag about us. And every moment during the world tour is very precious for me.

What is success to each of you? Has this changed since your debut?

HUI: For me, success seems to be ‘accomplishment that I can work all the time without a break’. I want to be a great singer and artist who constantly shows new and better aspects to UNIVERSE rather than favours in return.

HONGSEOK: I think I’m successful in my life if I achieve ‘To be better than yesterday’.

YEOONE: I’ve always been thinking that success is to perform with my members for a long time, and it’s still the same.

What is your favourite song in your upcoming Japanese album ‘Universe: The History’? Was it hard to adapt to the Japanese lyrics?

HONGSEOK: My favorite song is ‘Dr. BeBe’ because we’ve never shown this performance to Japanese UNIVERSE and it’s a new version in Japanese. It wasn’t hard for me to sing in Japanese because I’m good at Japanese.

YEOONE: It wasn’t so hard for me because we had a lot of chances to meet UNIVERSE in Japan and I learned Japanese as well.

YUTO: I like ‘COSMO’ the most.

WOOSEOK: ‘Violet’. There were some parts that were difficult to pronounce, but I felt more proud when the audio recording went well.

When you’re going through difficult times, what gives you the strength and motivation to push forward?

HUI: I think UNIVERSE and my members are the reason that makes me stand up whenever I’m tired or in troubles.

HONGSEOK: UNIVERSE. I can always move forward thinking of UNIVERSE.

SHINWON: My members, family, and UNIVERSE.

YEOONE: To hang out with my members!

YUTO: I think it is music.

KINO: A lot of people who trust me and wait for me, like my family, friends, staff, and UNIVERSE.

WOOSEOK: My members, UNIVERSE, and my family.

Who influences and inspires you? Why?

HUI: These days, it seems that I’m inspired by looking out the windows more than any particular person. I think a lot while looking out the windows and get inspired from it.

HONGSEOK: UNIVERSE and my family, because they love me and I also love them.

YEOONE: I think I’m inspired by my fans, UNIVERSE, the most.

WOOSEOK: My members. We live together, but there are so many things to learn and they influence me in a good way.

What can we expect from you in the future? What are your plans for the rest of 2020, going into 2021?

HUI: My dream is to be a great singer who always makes our own way. Also, I want to give a lot of happiness and hope to UNIVERSE.

HONGSEOK: I hope everyone stays healthy for the rest of 2020 and can smile healthy in 2021.

SHINWON: I want to meet UNIVERSE offline in 2021.

YEOONE: I’d like to show you various aspects of me as a member of PENTAGON and also as an individual.

YUTO: We will constantly make efforts and develop ourselves!

KINO: The first goal is to show us to you as much as possible so that UNIVERSE doesn’t miss us until COVID-19 is over, and the next goal is to create a new genre and album which only PENTAGON can do from our upcoming album to 2021.

WOOSEOK: I hope everyone stays healthy and happy, and I also hope PENTAGON gives you a lot of happiness.

Do you have a message for your fans?

HUI: Dear UNIVERSE, I’m always grateful and so happy that you give us so much love which is not enough to say hundreds of times. Thank you for making me so happy, and I will also be a cute and cool artist who can make UNIVERSE happy! I love you so much!!!

HONGSEOK: UNIVERSE! I really miss you a lot. Please take care!

SHINWON: UNIVERSE! Please stay healthy and don’t get sick.

YEOONE: PENTAGON is always working hard for you, so please look forward to us and support us a lot!

YUTO: Don’t get exhausted in this situation that we can’t meet each other, and let’s have fun while cheering on each other!

KINO: Dear UNIVERSE, I really miss you a lot because I haven’t met you lately. COVID-19 hasn’t eased, so please stay healthy and take care. Thank you so much for always being with us, and I will also work very hard to show you great music performances. See you very soon!

WOOSEOK: I think it’s very important to take time to look back on yourself when you feel tired and want to take a rest. I will always support UNIVERSE, and you’re very precious to me, so let’s move forward together! Go for it!

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