Singer-songwriter and global hit-maker James Lee returns with emotional 7-track release, CASTLES.

CASTLES is an intimate look into the mind of James, as he navigates through themes of heartbreak, goodbyes, and holding onto loved ones quickly slipping through your fingers like sand.

On the creation of of the EP, James shares, “CASTLES is a milestone in my career that expresses the growth I’ve had as a writer and a producer.”

Born and raised in Southern California, James Lee has 13 years of bass-playing experience and was a member of popular K-Pop band Royal Pirates. In 2015, a tragic accident left him unable to play the bass, and after a brief stint playing the synth for Royal Pirates, he retired from the group because of his worsening health.

Dealing with intense pain, multiple surgeries, and post-traumatic stress, James moved back to Los Angeles and decided to release a debut solo project called The Light. This EP has became fundamental to his rehabilitation and restarting his hopes as a musician.

With CASTLES, he hopes that listeners not only recognise the beauty in the intricacy of the album, but also the urgency in cherishing every moment, saying, “I hope people that listen to CASTLES will hear everything, from the details in every single arrangement choice, to the way the words are expressed in each song. I decided to lean into the music I grew up loving so much. Though the tone of the album is emotional and sad, the greater takeaway for people is to appreciate the moments we have because nothing lasts forever.”

He continues, “Even though it was based on the thought of sand castles washing away, I still find myself reflecting on the process and journey of creating rather than sulking over what’s lost. I’ve become a realistic optimist.”

In addition to his much-anticipated second EP, James most recently released the lyric video for ‘Over Us’. Make sure to check it out!