Mainland China’s ‘Dolphin Princess’ Jane Zhang has made her debut forage into the Western pop market with her single “Dust My Shoulders Off”.

Working with Jim Beanz to write the song, the English-language single was produced by Beanz along with Timbaland, incorporating his signature sass along with acapella and electronic elements.

This is a stunning attempt at entering the Western music market, with Zhang mastering Western vocal techniques to a T. Her sass and attitude is on point and she struts her stuff in this fun and spunky single.

Working with Taiwanese music video director Outerspace Leo, the video is as vibrant and colour as the song, featuring Jane in different outfits and scenarios from the world’s most famous art pieces, such as The Girl With The Pearl Earring, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

My only issue is that I’m not too sure what this art theme has to do with the song, but nevertheless, it was a fantastically entertaining song and video. Is this love? Yes, yes it is.