The upcoming Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, the most prestigious in the Chinese language music world has added yet another musical starlet to their line-up, legendary Japanese rock band GLAY.

The record-breaking band, who holds the record for largest concert in the world (performing to crowds of 200,000 in Makuhari in 1999) has a solid following in Taiwan and last performed here four years ago.

This year, they will be back to grace the stages of the Golden Melody Awards ceremony with their passionate and exciting performances.

However, this is not the last time they will be back. GLAY promised that “we will definitely come back with another concert in the near future”.

With sales of over a million on many of their singles, who wouldn’t want to hear them perform classics such as However, Yuuwaku and Be With You?

GLAY will be performing at the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony on the 24th of June.