Rising singer-songwriting duo AmPm have just released their most recent single, a deliciously sweet, youthful, upbeat, yet sensitive early-summer track that is equal parts meaningful as it is whimsical; injected with a sense of bright optimism, ‘more’ is infectiously addictive, and is sure to make everyone smile.

The project, a collaboration between AmPm, DedachiKenta, and FUNTYME, arguably marks a departure from their previous work; the irrevocable lightness of the melody and DedachiKenta’s clean voice gives the song a a feeling of bright, yet refined innocence.

Speaking about their inspiration behind the track, AmPm said:

“Generally speaking, people tend to think that they have something missing in their identity. During the production, we rethought about how we have gotten to the current point of our life; where we have been and what we have done
there. Then we realised how happy we have been. We hope listeners feel what we have felt. They need nothing to add to their life. They already have values in their life. They are not less, they are more.”

If you are longing for warm sunny days as Australia shivers in this pre-Winter cold-snap, this song is surely the next best thing; make sure you check it out!

Website: http://ampm.tokyo/