Hello Asia! takes a look at the Japanese weekly singles ranking today as of 4 October. We analyse the biggest ranking chart for Japanese music: Oricon.

Oricon: as of 4/10 (Weekly)
1. SOS / Present – SEKAI NO OWARI
3. Yamanote-sen Uchimawari ~ Ai no Meikyuu – Tackey & Tsubasa
4. THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS ANIMATION PROJECT 2nd Season 02 (Watashi-iro Gift / Heart Voice) – Decoration with Mika Jougasaki / CANDY ISLAND with Sachiko Koshimizu
5. YOU-kI no Parade – X21
6. Sukida – Little Glee Monster
7. All for One – palet
8. GLORIA – Eikou no kizuna – FEST VAINQUEUR
9. Ai subeki kyou – Elephant Kashimashi
10. Mae no muri – SKE48

This week’s no. 1 song is ‘SOS / Present’ from SEKAI NO OWARI. Sung entirely in English, it is also the theme song for the ‘ATTACK ON TITAN End of the World’ film.

Korean boy band GOT7 came in at no. 2 with their new Japanese single, ‘LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH’.

They were closely followed by Johnny’s idol duo, Tackey and Tsubasa, with ‘Yamanote-sen Uchimawari ~ Ai no Meikyuu’.

THE IDOLM@STER game remains popular as always, with ‘Watashi-iro Gift/Heart Voice’ from its latest series at no. 4 this week.

There is a strong girl group presence this week, with X21, Little Glee Monster, palet and SKE48 all making an appearance in the charts.

Meanwhile, visual kei band FEST VAINQUEUR is sitting at no. 8 and rock band Elephant Kashimashi is at no. 9 with ‘Ai subeki kyou’.