KAO=S is a Japanese band with mix influences from many sources, creating a style of art and music that it intends to unfold beyond Japan and into the world.

The band name comes from Kaori’s name as, in Japanese, “chaos” is pronounced as /kəɔs/, which sounds similar to Kaori. It embodies the group’s mission; in the world of chaos, creating and expressing through unique music, a mix of traditional Japanese music and modern music.

The band just dropped a brand new single! “Koujou no Tsuki” is a cover version of a classical Japanese song written in the Meiji period (1901) with a Spanish style and rock arrangement.

You can listen to it on:
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KAO=S will travel to Frankfurt, Germany in December! They will hold a show at the Matcharity’s Christmas Charity Concert at the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt on 18th Dec. See them live here!