Mandopop Megastar Jay Chou has finally announced the upcoming release of his new album Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories to the excitement of his many fans worldwide.

Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories will be Chou’s 14th album, and will be released on the 24th of June and available for pre-order on the 8th of June.

Chou’s concept behind Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories has much to do with the recent birth of his four month year old daughter Hathaway, inspiring Chou to use the album to mimic the concept of him telling a story through his music.

Not only will the album include “Past Life Lover”, a song dedicated to daughter Hathaway, but it will also include the theme song for Chou’s latest Hollywood flick, Now You See Me 2 which he wrote for the movie.

Just like many of Chou’s other albums, the packaging will be a step above the rest, with the entire album packaged as a story book with fairytale-like embossments across the front.

Some versions of the album also come with a USB in the shape of an owl which is also a musical box-like contraption! If the album is pre-ordered, it also comes with a nice pair of ear plugs in case the rooster crows a little too early for your liking some mornings.

Check out the theme song “Now You See Me” below:

Listen to first single “Past Life Lover” below:

With the upcoming debut of both Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories and the movie Now You See Me 2, fans are in for a double whammy that will more than make up for Chou’s long-awaited comeback.