Mandopop superstar Jay Chou is known for his singing, producing, acting and even his own fashion brand. But little did we know, the Mandopop sensation is also a big tech geek and is very intrigued by gaming!

Jay Chou has recently entered the gaming market with the purchase of professional Taiwanese e-sports team, Taipei Assassins (TPA). Being a big fan of League of Legends and a regular player, Jay has always had the intention of acquiring a professional team. He has now achieved that goal and has renamed TPA to “J Gaming“. Although he won’t be an active player of the team, Jay will serve as the team’s leader.

The singer has also released the self-produced League of Legends official theme song for China last month. What a great way to combine his talents and hobbies.

He even jokes that gaming is a benefit for him, as the busy man only has time to play video games late at night. This ends up helping out his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, as he is able to take over for night duty in caring for their baby daughter, Hathaway Chou. This is definitely a win-win situation for the Chou family.