Mandopop king Jay Chou is due to release his new album next month. He previously mentioned that he has written a song dedicated to his little girl Hathaway in the upcoming album. But fans was given a big surprise when he dropped the track midnight of the 30th with 10 month old Hathaway credited as a co-composer.

It appears that Lover From the Past was inspired using a few little notes played by Hathaway on a piano app on her parent’s phone which can be seen towards the end of the music video.

The track opens with the following text: “There is a girl, her name is Hathaway. When she was four months old, she played a melody. I am so proud of her. She… is my daughter.”


It then goes on a journey of a father’s love for his little girl. How love exists without words being said, how a little smile can light up his world, how he will be there to protect her and eventually walk her down the aisle.

The video already has over 2 million views in less than 24 hours!! Check out what the proud father has to offer: