After four years’ hiatus from the music industry, Jing Chang has come back as a transformed artist with the help of friend and boss Shadya Lan.

Despite being critically acclaimed and collecting awards with her unique voice and style, she stopped all commercial performances and gave the reason that she didn’t know what she wanted.

Chang faced much negativity during this period from whispers and gossip, and this led her to realise that this was barring her from being her true self this whole time.

So she decided to give it one last shot, leaving her hair long and accepting all the negativity directed towards her, but directing her own energy towards making music she loved.


So this album A Failed Song represents the true Jing, unafraid of the whispers that come with the wind. Now, all she cares about is truly putting her music out there and allowing people to see it for what it is.

No longer sporting the androgynous look she was most well-known for, this album is about telling her story through her voice in an attempt to move all listeners.

Besides her electrifying heavy rock sound, Jing introduces the element of acoustic guitars into this album to signify her gentle demeanour, while the electric guitars symbolise stubbornness and rebellion.

Listen to her first single “A Failed Song” here: