JJ and Apple fans unite! Last week, Mandopop prince JJ Lin posted a video of him jamming on his song “The Key” with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

The video was shot in Beijing, with Lin being involved to try and promote the new app update to an international market.

JJ says that he became a fanboy when he first met Cook, recalling that his mind went blank when they met:

“I entered, said hello and he actually said he had been listening to my songs. I felt so honoured.”

They jammed on JJ’s latest song ‘The Key” on Apple program GarageBand using Chinese traditional instruments such as the Pipa and Erhu, creating a totally new arrangement for the song that allowed the video to rack up over 700,000 views.

Of the app, JJ says: “I love how the latest update to GarageBand adds traditional Chinese instruments along with brand new loops so I can play around with mixing traditional and modern sounds to create completely new styles.”

JJ, as one of the frontrunners for the upcoming prestigious Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan could not have been a better choice to represent Asian culture for the campaign.

Watch the video of them jamming together below: