Top Show

JMS Australia have announced that they will be bringing their Top Talent Competition to Sydney, with auditions being held from the 13th of May onwards till the 31st of August.

The global talent show will be held in Sydney, and had a press conference on the 12th to explain the proceedings for the upcoming talent show.

‘Top Star Talent Show’ is a show created in 2015 by Qingdao TV station after the success of Miss Hong Kong in Australia. The Talent show will first have auditions held in Sydney, before moving on to other locations around the globe including Qingdao, Osaka, Seoul, New York and Toronto.

The biggest selling point of this talent show is that it not only aims to showcase the talents of its budding artists, but also hopes to tell their stories as well as the behind-the-scenes stories of how the talent show is put together to give the audience a fresh new concept.

Friends in Australia can enter as long as they are between 15-29 years old, both male and female. Audition costs are $99 and for more information about registration and place information go to JMS Entertainment’s website: or email

So what are you waiting for? As long as you have dreams, no matter what career or vocation you are from, Top Talent is the place for you to realise those dreams!