Hey budding adventurists! Are you looking for the next country to conquer? Or simply looking for your next escapade? Enough of endless Instagram scrolling, we know just the right show to inspire you – Viu’s latest original travel reality show, No Sleep No FOMO!

Featuring a host and a special guest to explore countries such as Korea, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, the hosts are challenged to complete a few tasks while touring around the country. At every holiday destination, fans were given the chance to decide on the fate of the hosts by voting via the polls posted through the show’s official Instagram Instastory. Sounds a lot of fun?

To celebrate the release of No Sleep No FOMO, Viu is organising an invite-only closed-door event where fans will get to meet the cast and play exciting games with them on Wednesday, 20th March 2019.

Don’t miss this out this once in a lifetime opportunity!